Which Social Media Platform Has The Best Stories!?

This week, Facebook announced that they're bringing stories to their networking service. Facebook also owns Instagram, and they added stories in 2016. Both are following the lead of Snapchat. 

So the question here is.... Which social media platform has the best stories?!

First: Snapchat 

It's hard not to love them because they did create the entire live story trend, but when you want to post something from your camera roll, you get that white border.😣 I'm team Snap. Gotta stick with the original. 

Second: Instagram

Instagram stories are really starting to sway me. They're at the top of the app, and it's cool that you can only post photos/videos from the past 24 hours. They also have better options for writing on the photos/videos you're putting on your story!

Third: Facebook

In the couple of days that Facebook stories have been around, they haven't made much of an impression. They just seem unnecessary.... We'll stick with Facebook Live for now. 



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