Spotted: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Eating Dinner

Probably one of the most anxiety driven unanswered questions of the last 4 years is if Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating. Well what's cray is that they were officially spotted in public out to dinner in the East Village of NYC, seemingly confirming that they are in fact together. Though the pic isn't too clear, we are able to see Katie in her ponytail and glasses and what looks like the back of Jamie Foxx wearing a white fedora. The two have reportedly been dating for years without any confirmation from either of their reps. They've been speculated to be together ever since they danced together at a charity event in 2013. It's been the most hidden relationship of the last 4 years, if it is real, and honestly at this point I just need to know and I'm taking this as the confirmation, k thanks.

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