All Of The BEST Moments From Lady Gaga's Coachella Performance

So many good things happened this weekend at Coachella, but for me, it was all about LADY GAGA. She did not come to play, and she served everything that I could have ever wanted. Let's break down all of the best moments of Gaga's Coachella performance. 

1.) The Fashion

Coachella was the return of OG dramatic Lady Gaga fashion. She was serving black leather, tights, shoulder pads, and it had me feeling like we were in The Fame Monster era all over again. 

2.) The Stage

The stage was high tech, colorful, and dynamic. Besides Gaga and her fantastic dancers, the stage itself was a show. Also how freaking cool were all of the video intros and interludes???? Gaga was modeling with some exotic animals and showing us her #MONSTER side.

3.) The Choreography and Vocals

Pop stars don't really dance anymore! Besides a hand full of other divas (cough cough Beyonce cough cough) The pop divas of today aren't too big on a dancing. Gaga brought back the dancing STRONG though as she was flying through the air, hitting some sick moves, and all while sounding pitch perfect. Gaga is an entertainer for the records.

4.) The Setlist

Ok, as a huge gaga fan, this was literally the best setlist she has ever done. She did all of her biggest hits, but also gave some love to fan favorites that don't always get performed. PLUS the setlist was a total message about the state of the times. I mean, I really don't think it could have been a more satisfying line up of Gaga songs.





John Wayne

Just Dance

Born This Way



Sex Dreams




The Cure (New song)

Edge of Glory


Bad Romance (Verse/Chorus snippet)

You and I

Million Reasons

Applause (Audio interlude with lyrics)

Poker Face

Bad Romance


On top of all of that incredibleness, Gaga also dropped her new single "The Cure". A departure from the chill vibe of Joanne, The Cure is a certified radio bop with tropical pop influences. She didn't tell anyone and totally caught us by surprise. The song is AMAZING. Thank you Gaga!

Overall, Lady Gaga's performance at Coachella 2017 was EPIC to say the least. Everything was perfect and fans could not have been more satisfied. Can't wait to see what she has planned for the rest of 2017 and on The Joanne World Tour! 

(Photos: Getty Images)



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