This Flying Car Is Something Straight Out Of Spy Kids

First it was hover boards and now our Back to the Future dreams are coming true. Footage of the first ever prototype of a flying car has surfaced and I'm not going to lie it looks like a scene straight out of Spy Kids. 


Am I right? Kitty Hawk, a Silicon-Valley startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, released this video of the flying car today on Twitter, and TBH I don't know how to feel. According to ABC, the aircraft — an all-electric ultralight one-seater referred to as an octocopter.  Kitty Hawk says,

"[it is] safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested don't need a pilot's license, and you'll learn to fly it in minutes."

The flyer can reach altitudes up to 15 feet. It is designed for use only over water and has a- yet- unannounced price, which means expensive. Not sure if I'm with it, but the company is v convincing stating,

"We believe when everyone has access to personal flight, a new, limitless world of opportunity will open up to them."

I just want to be a Spy Kid. 



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