Can Ryan Seacrest Pull This Off?

Ryan Seacrest may just become the busiest man in the world. If this article from TMZ becomes a reality, Seacrest could just develop the worst sleep schedule of all time. Ryan Seacrest may be hosting the reboot of American Idol in addition to co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan and hosting his radio show. "How would he do this" you ask? By taking a private jet a couple of times a week from New York City to Los Angeles for the live episodes of American Idol

-- THURSDAYS  Ryan does 'Live' with Kelly, and pre-tapes Friday's show. Kelly's been doing a Friday pre-tape for a long time, so that's not a change. Ryan jumps on a private jet early Thursday afternoon for L.A. and has Friday to prep for 'Idol.'

-- SUNDAYS  Ryan does 'Idol' live at 8 PM ET, which is 5 PM PT.  He jumps on his jet at 7 PM, sleeps for 4 hours and lands in NYC at around 3 AM ET.

-- MONDAYS  Ryan does 'Live' at 9 AM ET, jumps in a car by 10:15 for the airport and jumps on his jet before noon for a second trip to L.A. He lands between 2:30 and 3 PM, goes to ABC and shoots the results show at 5 PM. He books it to the airport and is back in the air by 7 PM.

-- TUESDAYS Ryan sleeps on the plane for 4 hours and lands in NYC at around 3 AM ET. He's back on the 'Live' set for a 9 AM show.

If this ends up happening... Best of luck to you and your sleep schedule, Seacrest❤️



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