What's The Deal With These Charcoal Face Masks?

I'm sure you've seen videos of these things before. The peeling off of the charcoal mask videos are going super viral because they look painful and people like watching other people in pain. But the question is, do they really hurt that bad? I've done a charcoal mask or two in my day and I can't say I was ever in pain. I will say it was fun to watch my skin detach from my face for a second while peeling and it felt pretty funny, but I've never experienced the horrors these people have. Cosmopolitan posted a compilation of the funniest charcoal mask fails and it has us dying, but feeling bad, but dying! 


Let us know what you think. Do the charcoal masks really hurt to peel off or are some people over reacting? Maybe their skin is super sensitive. All we know is this is super hilarious 😂



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