Watch Out Rompers... The RompHim Has Arrived

The internet is freaking out over a new campaign on Kickstarter. It's all over a product called the RompHim--which is a romper for men. The page has already surpassed its goal of $10,000 by almost $18,000, so all of those people on twitter who dislike this new trend are still going to have to see it😳. 

The page offers three different patterns and a special edition 4th of July RompHim. If you want in on the RompHim action, check out their Kickstart page!

As far as internet reactions go... people either truly LOVE the attire or REALLY dislike the idea. This one Twitter user was ready for RompHim wearers to father numerous children. 


While, this Twitter user was ready to disassociate with people who wear this new attire. Where do you stand?


Whichever side you you stand on, get ready to see the RompHim taking over music festivals in 2018!!



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