Let's Talk About Cher...

Cher. One word, like Madonna, except she did it first. The pop icon was honored last night at the Billboard Music Awards for literally being a music icon and I couldn't agree more. The singer has been in the music industry for 53 years and her performance last night was nothing short of fantastic! It honestly has my mind blown watching her perform effortlessly in her skimpy little outfits seeing as the singer just turned 71 TWO DAYS AGO. How does she do it? I mean she's in better shape than most 20 year-olds I know. 

In her acceptance speech for her award last night Cher cher-ed (haha) a fitness secret of hers stating she can "hold a 5 minute plank"! She also had some interesting words to say via her mother,

"You're not gonna be the smartest, you're not gonna be the prettiest, you're not gonna be the most talented. But you're gonna be special."

Cher has proven to be super special, talented, and a true music icon. Not to mention summer body goals. Cheers to Cher!



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