Taylor Swift Helped Out Ariana Grande Last Night

Last night as Ariana Grande was finishing up her set in Manchester, an explosion occurred. Since then, 22 people have reportedly passed away and over 50 were wounded. Buzzfeed has put together a post of the victims who've been identified so far. This has been a truly devastating 24 hours. 

Ariana made it back to Florida safely today on a private plane with her mother, Joan, and a few others. In an article from Daily Mail, they claim that Taylor Swift gave Ari a helping hand last night:

She and Joan made a quick and quiet departure from England early Tuesday morning with a little help from fellow pop star Taylor Swift, who lent the two women one of her private jets.

In such a tragic time, it's nice to see our favs helping each another out. 

*UPDATE*: Sadly, TMZ has proved this wrong. No help from T Swift this time around. We're just glad Ariana made it back safely. 

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