Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist: The Britney Edition

This week's playlist is inspired by a theme ride I went to a few weeks ago featuring the almighty Britney Spears. The ride led by Jade on Long Island legit made me feel like I was as sexy as Britney herself and I think everyone should experience a theme ride for this reason alone. If you're planning a Britney Spears theme ride, here's what to expect!

5. Britney Spears- Toxic

Why I love it: This is the best way to start your Britney ride. This song brings me back to like third grade, but has like a totally new meaning now being a college graduate. Either way I feel like doing sexy corners to this bop.

4. Britney Spears- Gimme More

Why I love it: It's Britney bitch. 

3. Britney Spears- You Drive Me Crazy

Why I love it: Because when I was younger I wanted the green crop top and black flare pants and i'm not going to lie I still want that outfit. 

2. Britney Spears- I'm a Slave 4 U

Why I love it: This one time I took this giant stuffed animal snake and wore it around my neck and walked around the house singing this song. I was 21. If I could do that on a bike, life made. Tap it back to this, peeps.

1. Britney Spears- ...Baby One More Time

Why I love it: Oh baby baby, the OG Britney Spears game changer. You can't have a BS theme ride without this. Tap it back, push up, pretend you're a sexy school girl (or don't 'cause thats weird) and live like a pop princess. Even just for 45 minutes. 

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