Fifth Harmony On Why They're Getting More Respect Now

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Fifth Harmony stopped by to talk with Maxwell about the next chapter in their career. The girls of 5H are back and better than ever with an amazing new track with Gucci Mane called 'Down' that we're obsessing over.  Dinah Jane, Ally-Brooke, Lauren, and Normani are loving this time in their lives just as much. "We're so happy and focused and we're really excited about this new chapter," Lauren explained. "We're in a really good space right now. We're really cohesive. We're doing a really great job and I'm so excited about the music."

The reason the girls are so hyped about their upcoming album is because they had much more creative control in the studio this time around. They did a lot more writing and felt that their voices were truly being heard. "For us to finally really be in control, to have that creative freedom in this album and in our music is something that we don't take lightly," Ally-Brooke told Maxwell. "It's definitely an honor and such a pleasure for us. It's something we're just really proud of. We're putting in our own lyrics, our own voices, our own ideas and they're being heard and reciprocated and respected." 

These four girls have gone through a metamorphosis between their last album and now. They revealed they can't wait to show their fans how they've evolved and how that evolution is reflected in their sound. "We had to prove to everybody else, but also to ourselves in a way...this is the first time that we literally had the chance and opportunity to start from the ground up," Normani said. "And it's respected, too, you know?" 

We're so happy to see Fifth Harmony feeling strong and empowered through their creative process. We can't wait to see how they influenced the production of their upcoming album, which is still untitled. While they wouldn't reveal any potential album names, they said they loved that their fans have been calling the future project 5H3 on social media. 

The girls are definitely hard at work, but they told Maxwell they took some time to celebrate Normani's 21st birthday in New York City. Lauren even revealed how much fun it is to party with her band mates. Okay, we SO need an invite next time!

We'll be listening to 'Down' on repeat for the rest of the day. Or the rest of the summer, most likely. Thanks for stopping by, Fifth Harmony! 

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