[INTERVIEW] The Backpacks EVERYONE Wants! Maxwell & Sprayground Founder DBD!

Everyone like NFL superstar Odel Beckham, Jr., pop culture icon Paris Hilton, and famous rapper 2 Chainz has been toting a Sprayground Backpack. These things are on the backs of EVERYONE. I had to get to know the Founder & Creative Director David Ben-David, aka DBD, and see how this vision has become a reality. 

Sprayground just released a fresh new batch of bags, and at around noon today, they were so popular that the website Sprayground.com FROZE! Creatively taking brands like Nickelodeon, Marvel, and there's even a new Barney/Notorious B.I.G. bag that is 🔥🔥, into an entirely new direction...the Sprayground backpack has become a must have accessory. The limited quantity of the bags has kids and consumers picking up 2 or 3 at a time.

While chatting with DBD, he explained how there is so much more to the Sprayground culture. It once may have started as a lifestyle, but has developed into a dream, even using the phrase "Willy Wonka-like" to describe where the styles and designs take us.

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