You Will Not BELIEVE How Many Hot Dogs This Dude Ate

We all know that the 4th of July marks the day that the USA declared independence from Great Britain, but it also marks the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island!!

Predictably, Joey Chestnut defended his title in the men's competition, winning his second consecutive and tenth overall title for the contest. 

Chestnut eater, ate 72 hot dogs - a record amount for the event and his personal best. His previous personal best was 70 hot dogs, consumed at last year's July 4th competition. 


Now this guy is a professional - he is a world champion competitive eater, and he claims he does not eat anything for the 48 hours leading up to the contest. Basically, we do NOT recommend trying this at your BBQ tonight!! 

How many hot dogs could YOU eat without puking?? I don't think I could handle more than 3! 😂



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