David Guetta Responds To Rumors That He Releases Music Under A Fake Name

In a recent interview with CSTAR, France's, Justice revealed that David Guetta released "very good" music under a false name! 

During a rapid-fire "This or That" segment, the duo of Justice were asked if they prefer Vitalic or Guetta. Their response: "Vitalic," but then the two backtracked claiming it is hard to say because Guetta released music under a false name

Even though the interview cut there, Maxwell was able to get Guetta on the phone to respond to these allegations that he releases music under another DJ name. 


"Oh yea [laughing] I know what they're referring to" Guetta goes on to say, "Sometimes I make just like beats that are more like for the DJs and I don't put my name on it." Guetta continues explaining to Maxwell, "There's one record.... a kind of house record, that they [Justice] used to play it all the time, every show, they thought it was very very funny that they were playing a Guetta record..." 

When explaining why he does this, Guetta says, "Sometimes I like doing this because I come from that more underground scene, so from time to time I make a record like this that's me, you know...." 

Well that certainly clears everything up! Listen to his full conversation with Maxwell above. 


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