Diplo Reveals He Didn't Know Camila Cabello Was in Fifth Harmony


Diplo stopped by to talk with Maxwell about his new song 'Know No Better,' which features the amazing Camila Cabello and Travis Scott. The internationally acclaimed producer spoke about how this collaboration came about, saying that he prefers when things come together naturally. It turns out that he's known Camila for a while, revealing that they've been writing together for some time. He also revealed, surprisingly, that he didn't even know Camila was once in Fifth Harmony. The DJ knew this was a total pop culture faux pas, though, calling himself "out of touch." 

Diplo also spoke about his relationship with Justin Bieber and recounted their time working together on Where Are Ü Now a few years ago. He spoke about how it was a different time for Bieber and his music hadn't quite popped off yet. His manager, Scooter Braun, let Diplo have complete control over the track and Justin's vocals. That was a turning point for Bieber's career and Diplo knows that if he got in the studio with the singer now it would be a totally different vibe. 


We can't wait to see who Diplo collaborates with next in the music industry. Until then, though, we'll have to check out the new comedy TV show based on his life called "What Would Diplo Do?"



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