Fergie Talks Being a Boss with Nicki Minaj & Double Dutchess


Fergie stopped by Z100 to talk with Maxwell about her highly anticipated follow up to The Dutchess. Fergie isn't just dropped Double Dutchess, though, she's releasing a full visual album, as well. If that's not enough for all the die hard Fergie fans, the 'You Already Know' singer is releasing the full visual album for one day only in select iPic movie theaters across the country. There's no question: Fergie is definitely back and better than ever. 

During her conversation with Maxwell, Fergie opened up about how excited she is to finally be releasing this special project. She admits that sometimes her fans became frustrated waiting to hear what she'd been working on, but at the end of the day she knew it would be worth it. "At a certain point, I decided I'm going to do a video for every song because I when I do drop it I want them to have eye candy, ear candy, all of it," Fergie explained. She certainly delivered. 


Fergie also spoke about her experience working with Nicki Minaj on the song 'You Already Know,' which TBH is such a jam. "I'm so blessed to get to work with Nicki Minaj," Fergie said of their collaboration. "She's such an icon herself and she's definitely a queen. It was really great beause she's really detailed just as I am, so, it was great working with her. We're very like minded because we're just really specific on details. She's a boss, just like I am."

She also spoke about how Nicki brought her own unique style to the track. Where Fergie describes her style as a little more "jumpy" and upbeat, she says Minaj brought something totally different to the song. "It's very her. It's perfect because she's her and I'm me on the same track," Fergie said. "It's two of us power women. We got our power suits on, then we got our latex on. It can be both." 


Thanks for stopping by, Fergie! We're so happy you're back with no music! 



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