Hoover Damn!

If you wanna have a wild stag night in Vegas, make sure you invite Aaron Hughes.  The 28-year-old Brit decided it would be a good idea to swim across the Hoover Dam, and he just so happens to be the only person that's ever made it out alive!  “I literally just turned to the lads, said ‘I’m off’ and they were all cheering me on and I swam across.", says Hughes, "It’s a hell of a sight to see the dam from underneath.” Imagine having the guts to dive down a 726ft tall dam...talk about a belly flop!  Even the guys from The Hangover didn't get that crazy! He admits he was heavily under the influence of alcohol, but isn't that what Vegas is all about?  Sounds like one hell of a night, but this fun didn't come for free.  Hughes was fined $330 for his drunk antics.  But hey, he's got bragging rights for life!  



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