Wendy Williams Defends Husband on Cheating Rumors.

The Daily Mail posted an article accusing Wendy Williams husband of having an affair with a younger woman. The reports claim that Kevin Hunter, the 46 year old, has been cheating for 10 years! The mistress named Sharina, a massage therapist, apparently lives in a separate home paid for by Hunter. The couple was seen together right after Williams and Kevin went on a lavish vacation in Barbados read more. Wendy Williams defends husband, “Look, I’m a straight shooter. Pow, pow. All you got to do is Google him and you see the story. You can believe what you want — but I stand by my guy." YAS Wendy stand by your hubby! We can't forget to mention that her husband DID cheat on her before. Wendy says it, "made her relationship stronger." Check out the video ' Wendy Williams Talks Cheating Husband '. 

Hopefully the rumors aren't true this time around! 



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