Sam Smith Defends Dumb DJ Who Called Ed Sheeran 'Song Wh@re'

This is why I hate some DJs. They try to be funny or witty at the expense of an artist who is kind enough to share their stories with them. In a recent interview in Australia, some dumb DJ asked Sam why he doesn't share his songs with other artists, asking "So you're nota wh#re like Ed Sheeran?"


The DJ continued, saying that Ed "wh*re's all his songs out and teams up for all the group songs. If it it's like sex, Ed is a song whore." That's when Sam showed it's all about the #BroCode, by defending the GRAMMY-winner, saying "Ed is not a whore."

"Ed Sheeran is an incredible song writer; the way that he's written these songs for other people is just absolutely incredible and I’m enamoured by him," continued Sam.



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