People Are Flipping Over McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

Ever heard of the show Rick and Morty?  It's a cartoon about a mad scientist that takes his grandson on crazy adventures through time and space that airs on Adult Swim...and they've got a pretty big fan base.

This passed April when the show's third season premiered, there was a joke about a McDonald's limited-time condiment - what a blast from the past.  Fans have been insisting on the return of Szechuan Sauce ever since.  The dipping sauce has not been sold since 1998, when it was used to promote Disney's Mulan.  

McDonald's even sent the creator's of Rick and Morty a bottle of the sauce in July, after fans showed the company their passion.  The restaurant announced that for one day only, October 7th, they would bring back the condiment. 

Unfortunately, Szechuan Sauce supplies didn't meet the overwhelming demand on Saturday and people went absolutely bonkers.  Law enforcement even had to intervene in some cases.

Some of the sauce packets are now going for hundreds of dollars on eBay! THIS IS LITERALLY INSANE.  For whatever reason, people REALLY love this sauce.  Maybe it's a sentimental thing for the fans of the show, or maybe it's just really delicious LOL!

Since the incident, McDonald's has taken to Twitter to apologize for their lack of Szechuan Sauce, and  admitted what they did was "not cool" - they even promised we'd see the sauce again this winter!  Good news for Rick and Morty fans...SZECHUAN SAUCE WILL BE BACK!

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