Happy National Candy Corn Day!

Today is October 30th!  Otherwise known as Halloween Eve, Goosey Night/Mischief Night...and National Candy Corn Day!  Here are a few fun facts about the delicious holiday treat.

National Candy Corn Day

1) The 3 colors of candy corn -white, yellow, and orange- are meant to mimic real corn kernels, and was originally called "Chicken Feed".  

2) Everyone eats candy corn in their own special way.  While the majority, about 47% eat the entire thing in one bite, 43% start at the narrow white end.  And roughly 10% eat the wide yellow end first.  Me?  I stay away from candy corn altogether LOL

3) The Halloween state was create in 1880 and the recipe has remained nearly unchanged, consisting of just 8 ingredients and 3 colors.

4) Candy corn is vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free!  

5)  The shiny coating on the outside of candy corn comes from beeswax!

6)  October 28th is the date most candy corn is sold worldwide.

7) About 9 billion candy corn kernels are manufactures each year.  That is enough to circle the moon 21 times!  WOW.

Now...get snacking! Happy National Candy Corn Day!



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