How Keaton Jones Took the Internet By Storm

A young boy from Tennessee, Keaton Jones, is making a huge impact on the internet after his mother posted a video of him tearfully explaining how he is bullied at school.  The video has reached over 18 million views, and "Keaton" has been the #1 trending topic on Twitter for almost 2 days. 


The video has even reached multiple celebrities, who have made sure to send Keaton uplifting messages.


Keaton's sister Lakyn let Twitter know that her brother was loving the support...


...and then the internet made a new discovery about Keaton and his family.  Photos and Facebook posts from his mother, Kimberly Jones, have surfaced in which she shows her and the rest of the family's support of the Confederate flag.  She even made a Facebook post calling out "butt hurt Americans".

MMA Boxer Joe Schilling made a video discussing Kimberly's not so genuine intentions. After a phone call with her where he invited Keaton to an MMA event to meet fighters, she stated that she did not want the experience - she only wanted money as she is a "single mother and Christmas is coming.".


At the moment Keaton's GoFundMe page,  which has raised almost $60,000, has been shut down until it is known exactly where the money will be going.  Bottom line with this situation is that bullying is wrong.  No child should be afraid to go to school and feel unsafe in an environment where they are supposed to learn and grow. Maybe this will bring light too the fact that this is a serious issue and we need to to everything we can do stop it.



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