Is There a New Hollywood Couple Bubbling??

Everyone on the planet is trying to become Millie Bobby Brown's new BFF. She's been chillin' with Drake, Ariana Grande is hittin' her up about how dope her outfit is, and my homie Niall Horan has tweeted her using the word "darling" (jealous yet?).


Now to this new "relationship" that could be bubbling with web celeb and pop star Jacob Sartorious. It all started when he recently posted a message to Twitter, saying "just another day w you on my mind"


That sent the twitter sphere into a frenzy!! Especially after MBB posted the below photo to her 12.3 MILLION Instagram followers


It was Jacob's comment "Course" followed by a single heart emoji that had people thinking that he was the one who sent her the stuffed teddy bear & maybe trying to get her attention. 

Now while I'm over here trying to get my connections to reply to a simple email...this girl is getting all kinds of love from some pretty huge heavy hitters in Hollywood & music. Neither has said whether or not there is something brewing, but if there is...we're totally for how adorable the two of them would be!   

Getty Images


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