Camila Reveals Why Her Song w/ Ed Sheeran Won't Be Heard

We're super proud of our girl Camila Cabello, but this one stung a little bit. Don't know if you've heard the rumors, but there was a song that had a very special musical touch that we're probably never gonna hear.

The world agrees, Ed Sheeran is one of the best singer/songwriters of this generation, but one track just didn't have what it takes to make the final cut.

Speaking to Billboard, Camila explained why she wasn’t feeling the shape of her song with Ed when the album was put together.

She explained:

 "It’s like one of those weird things because I love him so much and he’s been one of my musical heroes and he knows that."

Camila continued:

"So I felt kinda weird... but at the end it just didn’t fit sonically with the album, even though it’s such a great song, it just felt like the only one that felt like it was on another kind of album."

Now we're just gonna have to wait for her NEXT album and hope and pray that we'll get that song!! 

For now, we just have to be satisfied with this little snippet of it...



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