How to Flirt on Instagram According to Demi Lovato

If you've seen Demi Lovato's recent posts to Instagram, you know she's been looking FIRECE 🔥 lately. If you've watched her recent Youtube documentary: Simply Complicated, you know that she's not above flirting on dating apps or sliding into DMs.

Take notes, because with just a few subtle double taps on IG...she's probably gonna at least get a date from Superman, Henry Cavill.

Demi Instagram Flirting

Demi did a little more than just becoming one of his 4.6 million followers, take a look at how she low key set herself up to be his Valentine 😍 


She double tapped a few of his pics then shared that SUPER sexy pic of her your thang girl!! THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!!



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