Snapchat Update and How To Fix It

Snapchat rolled out a new update to users for February 2018 and its safe to say that not a lot of people are happy with it.

Snap dropped the dedicated Stories screen and merged it with your Friends screen. The Discover screen is now more prominent, still full of branded content. They added the Profile screen, where you can manage all of your account info and how you appear to other users, and a Send To screen where you can view your 8 best friends and send snaps to others.

Snap Inc. hopes that the updated screens will make navigating around the app much easier.  However, Twitter had some other thoughts...


It might not be too late though! There is a real fix, but its not a guarantee. 

1. Important – do not update apps in iTunes yet. You’ll be using the old copy of the app that’s still stored in your iTunes library. 

2. Delete the app on your iPhone by pressing the app’s icon for several seconds. A small X will appear in the upper lefthand corner.

3. Press the X of the app you want to delete.

4. Press the home button after the app is gone from the screen to get out of delete mode.

5. After, connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and select your device. However, do not sync at this time.

6. Click the Applications tab. Select ‘Apps’ in the iTunes sidebar.

7. Find the app you want reinstall in iTunes’ Apps list. Select the option to “Install” and sync your device. The version you have backed up in iTunes will copy back to your iPhone. Hopefully, it’ll be the older version.



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