Z Pop 3 Events for this Weekend!!

New York City always has something fun to do over the weekend! Well, here are our "Z pop 3" picks for this weekend!

1. "David Bowie Is" exhibit - Brooklyn Museum 

This is a traveling exhibition profiling the creative accomplishments of lengend, David Bowie. Upon entering the exhibit everyone is given a set of state-of-the-art headphones by Sennheiser. They are used to provide a total immersive audio experience for the theatrical scenes and animation videos. The exhibit is divided into 26 sections and it includes more than 500 items!! So be prepared to take your time looking at everything in the exhibit. This is definitely an event you aren't gonna want to miss! 

Tickets start at $20 / $25 on the weekends


2. Holi Celebrations - Brooklyn Children's Museum 

Holi basically means "Festival of Colors. It celebrates the arrival of Spring. Traditionally to honor the holiday you throw fistfulls of colored powder in the air and squirt your friends with water! The museum has multiple events aimed for children this weekend to celebrate Holi (starting at 10:30am and ranging up to 4:00pm). And of course it wouldn't be Holi without color powder play! The powder is cornstarch based, non toxic, washable and kid safe. Don’t miss out on this fun event! 

Tickets start at $11 for both adults and children!


3. LOOP - Broadway, Between 41st Street & 36th Street

Looking for a free event in the city this weekend?? Well look no further! 'LOOP' is an interactive art exhibit in the Garment district! This art installation invites the public to bring animated flipbook-style musical movies to life by activating huge, retro-futuristic cylinders. People can activate one of six large-scale cylinders by sitting inside and pumping a lever. Once the cylinders begin to spin they will play musical movies and also light up! Another fun event you won't want to miss!!

This is a free event that will be going on until March 31st!



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