High School Kid Gets Accepted to 20 Colleges!!

Shout out to Michael Brown, a high school senior from Houston, Texas who just got the news of a lifetime. He's a brilliant student who racked up an impressive 4.68 grade point average & got accepted to a ton of prestigious schools.

Not like 2 or 3...BUT 20!!! And to help lighten the load on his (probably parent's) bank account, they are all full ride scholarship offers!!! His mother told ABC News,

“I’m very grateful, I’m very thankful, I know that he has done an amazing job, and I get to watch him every day. It’s just normal to me.”


Which schools are foaming at the mouth to have this future world leader as a student? Pretty much all the SUPER good ones, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Georgetown. I wanna just focus on the fact that homie got a 4.68 GPA!!! Like, how is that even possible??? When I was in school you were considered genius if you got a perfect 4.0...so where did the extra .68 come from??

Now, I REALLY know where they came from...AP classes and all, but that just means dude got like EVERY SINGLE QUESTION correct in all those hard a$$ classes!! That's impressive. Brown is part of a program called EMERGE Fellowship. According to its website, the program “empowers and prepares high performing students from underserved communities to attend and graduate from selective colleges and universities across the nation.”

 Michael says that he hopes to one day attend law school, there's no doubt he's well on his way.



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