Are Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Dating??

Riverdale co-stars, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart might be dating in real life!! The couple recently arrived back in Los Angeles after an 11 hour flight from Paris. They were spotting in Paris kissing in a restaurant and on the sidewalk... which I guess technically isn't confirmation that they are actually dating. 

When they got back to LAX they were surrounded by the paparazzi, which were all begging for information from the duo on whether or not they are actually dating. TMZ caught some footage of them ignoring most of the questions that reporters' asked them. Cole broke the silence by joking around saying, "I was waiting for you to ask me out, man."

Another Paparazzo asked them "Do you think it's a bigger decision for a celebrity couple to go public than just a normal person like me? Is it a bigger decision to let the world in?"Lili answered them saying, "It's an obvious answer....It's obvious to me." 


Although it hasn't been confirmed that the pair is dating in real life, the signs are pointing to YES!!

So if they were to come to NYC, here are some awesome date ideas!

1. Brunch at 'Barking Dog'

This is a fun pet friendly restaurant on the Upper East Side! It's a full-service restaurant but they also cater to canines! It's a great place if you have a dog or even if you just love dogs. The walls are covered in pictures of dogs and there's even a water fountain for the pups to socialize! 

2. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

For an artsy duo this is the perfect date idea! There will be tons of cute photo Ops! There's over 50 acres of cherry blossoms, rose gardens and more!!

3. Chelsea Market

This is the perfect date for a rainy day! Browse through books, vinyl records, and restaurants! 

4. The High Line

Spring is here.... the weather in NYC might say otherwise but it should be warming up soon! The High Line is the perfect spot to take a walk and look at sculptures, street art, and gardens.

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