The Life Hack That BLEW MY MIND 🤯

There I was, just minding my own business when our IT guy blows my mind with one simple life hack! If any of you have a MacBook & a charger to make sure your computer is fully juiced up...did you know that you can keep your charger cable from getting all ratty??

Seriously, I knew about the little things that you flip up to wrap the cable, but I was made aware of the ONE TINY thing that you should do first, THE LOOP!!

MacBook Charger - THE LOOP

You see that little loop that's right in the middle. It's SUPER important to help keep your cable from bending and eventually fraying. Yeah, that's it! Just that tiny fix will help the longevity of your MacBook charger. And we all know how expensive those dumb things can be!!

Here are some other life hacks that you should probably start doing soon!!



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