James Corden's Crazy Optical Illusion Has the Internet Buggin'!

I never was the kid who could instantly find the jet or shark in those "squint your eyes" posters. Remember those?? Anyway...Twitter was going crazy when Late Late Show host, James Corden sent out this crazy picture.

Take a look at the black-and-white shot...the caption is simple, 'Woah!' It kinda looks like it's a picture  of a man who resembles Ben Stiller's character Derek in Zoolander. The man has a frown on his face.


Did you follow the directions on the picture?? Trippy right?!?!?! If you look at the picture with half open eyes, the image appears transformed, replaced by the face of a young woman... and she's smiling.

You know the internet is going crazy right now..



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