This Guy Took Being 'Hangry' To A New Extreme!!

Have you ever done anything or said anything dumb while you were hangry?? Well this guy took being hangry to a new extreme!

30 year old Manuel Silverio of Plainfield, Illinois was intoxicated and really wanted something to eat from Burger King. He got really angry when he found out that Burger King was closed for the night. He began pounding on the drive thru window and screaming at the workers that were still inside closing up. That was when an employee called the police on Silverio. 

If you thought that was the extreme part, hold on it gets worse! When the police arrived, Silverio stripped naked, started pounding on the window again and then proceeded to pull his pants back up! Then an officer tried to help him put his shirt back on and Silverio hit the sergeant! 

Police then called a relative to come and pick him up. Silverio kept trying to get up off of the curb but the sergeant put his hand on his shoulder to prevent him from getting up. Silverio proceeded to punch the officer in both the face and the chest. That's when they arrested him. 

All I can say is that he must of been pretty hangry and must of really wanted that Whopper to do everything that he did!! 



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