Have You Seen These "Fanny Pack" Slides??

Nike just unveiled their latest version of the iconic Benassi Slides... and wow are they ugly! They are supposed to drop soon and they are going to come in a variety of colors: gray/black, black/pink, and green/blue. 

Let's be real... is there any practical reason to have a fanny pack attached to your sandal?? It's gonna be a no from me. 


Here's a list of random things that you wouldn't be able to fit in your "Fanny pack" Benassi Slides:

- Shawn Mendes: The Album (you wouldn't be able to fit the CD or the vinyl)

- Your phone (unless maybe you have a small flip phone)

- A Donut (Not sure why you would put this in a fanny pack but I bet a couple of donuts could fit into a normal around the waist fanny pack!)

- A bottle of water (This totally isn't gonna fit so you're gonna need to find another way to stay hydrated)

- Your Car/House Keys (Honestly, this might fit into the fanny pack on your slide but I have a feeling that the zipper won't close all the way)

- A Nail clipper (I mean you should probably carry this either way because if you're wearing sandals your toes really shouldn't look gross... sorry)

- A Hot dog (Again, I don't know why you would want to carry this in your shoe but I'm just saying that it won't fit)



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