OMG, You Need to See Hulu's Stats RN!!!

I mean I get it...I'm addicted to TV too but WOW, these people are crazy!! In case you live under a rock, Hulu is an entertainment site that allows you to stream your favorite television shows and movies and they dropped some crazy stats regarding the viewing habits of their users. And well... if you want to tell your mom that you're actually normal compared to everyone else, take a look at these!

Since 90's fan fave, Boy Meets World dropped on Hulu, viewers have already watched ALL 120 episodes of the show. That's 60 HOURS worth of episodes!!!! You guys got some major free time!

Ben Savage, star of Boy Meets World.

Some viewers watched the entire run of Family Matters, which is nine seasons BTW, within one month. Same goes for Full House, which is eight seasons, that viewers watched within a month as well!!! Okay guys, I see you!!

Some of the stars from Full House.

Hulu also released that some 35,000 members of the site had watched all 10 seasons of Futurama in 18 days. So, according to our calculations, that would be at least 18 episodes a day. 

Ain't nobody got tiiiiime for that. 

In 2017, Hulu site members watched around 135 hours of South Park, and 105 million hours of Law and Order: SVU. Okay, I love Benson and Stabler as much as the next person but WHAAAAT??? 105 million hours!!!! You read that right. 

Mariska Hargitay plays Olivia Benson on Law and Order: SVU.

When ER came to Hulu, it was the first time that it had been available for streaming entirely on one digital platform. Well, you know what comes next.

Around 35,000 viewers finished the entire 15 seasons run of the show in 2 months. There is a total of 331 episodes of ER so this would average to about 5 episodes per day!!

Mom... if you're reading this....there are people out there who are worse than me!!



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