Everyone's Freaking Out Over the New Carter Album


Over the weekend, more than two years after the release of the life-changing album 'Lemonade', we mere mortals have finally been gifted with a new Beyoncé album. Queen B and her husband, Jay-Z released their collaboration album this weekend. The name of the album that will probably be on repeat for me for the next few weeks is 'Everything is Love.'

The album simultaneously celebrates forgiveness and also throws some serious shade to people who have done this perfect couple dirty over the past few years. 

While we are all freaking out about any new music that this couple releases, social media went WILD after news of the album came out.


This album was a total surprise for fans just like the 'Lemonade' album. Even though people are getting used to Beyoncé dropping albums like nothing, it still has everyone losing their mind! Even celebrities aren't safe from Carter fever!!!


People are even starting to say that Beyoncé knew exactly when she was going to drop this album for a while. Some people even spotted some clues at this year's Coachella.


The album has only nine songs, but from what everyone is saying every single second is AMAZING. When the album dropped the Carters' released a music video for the single Apesh*t. It's filmed in the French Louvre museum, and the dynamic duo closed it down for an entire day so they could film.


The album was originally reserved only for Tidal subscribers. And tbh I for sure was about to subscribe for the free trial so I could listen to the album, but now it's available on Spotify Premium, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. 


Some people are still a little upset over 'Lemonade' STILL not being put on that streaming platform, and by people I mean me.

Anyone going to get on that?!?


Now that we've got a Beyoncé and Jay-Z tour and a collab album the only thing left for the Carters' to do is solve world peace.



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