Nickelodeon's Double Dare Is Back BABY!!!

We double dare you not to be excited for the return of one of the best shows of ALL TIME!!! Double Dare returns to Nickelodeon tonight at 8/7c with a twist on the classic competition show. To hype up the show our very own Maxwell went to Anaheim to bring a little bit of Double Dare to the lovely people of Vidcon.

Maxwell cheered people on as they ran the DOPEST obstacle course EVER!! They went through the ringer, down the hatch, hopped on the icy trike, and...the grossest part of the entire course...they had to dig up in a giant nose called "pick it" for a flag. 

If you couldn't tell from this pic there were some cool competitors in the obstacle course. Olympian ice skating brother sister duo Maia and Alex Shibutanti raced each other!!! From what we're hearing Alex might've even beat his sister. Don't worry girl, we still believe in you! Maybe you guys can arrange a rematch?

Even Donnadorable went through the ringer! You can check out the video she posted on Insta with the sneak peak of her running the course. Can you spot the familiar face??? Hmmmm??? Or are you maxed out????? 


Don't feel bad if you missed out on the chance to run this EPIC course! There's still plenty of awesome stuff lined up for the actual Double Dare. Nick has some AH-MAZ-ING guests coming on the show soon. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell from "Kenan and Kel" are making their return to Nickelodeon in the slimiest way! The pair will compete on a special episode of Double Dare. Another old Nick favorite is Zoey 101 herself, Jamie Lynn Spears! She's going to be on the show with her own daughter!! DOUBLE DARE IS GOING TO BE DOPE!

Liza Koshy will be hosting the show and Marc Summers, the original host will return to provide color commentary! 



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