NF Reveals How He Met Logic Four Years Before Touring With Him


NF stopped by the studio and I just loved sitting back with him to appreciate everything coming together the way it has for him. 

His tour with Logic and Kyle has been especially cool because of the massive crowds that don't really know who he is yet. Sure headlining a tour is great and all because everyone in the room knows your lyrics and is a fan of you.. but playing for huge crowds that don't necessarily know who you are can be thrilling. Now you have to work hard onstage to try and convert them into fans, which NF clearly has been doing. Their first stop had at least 14,000 people in the audience compared to NF's show that had an average of 2,500. 

Then NF told us about how he had actually met Logic years before this tour and how they once did a showcase together. "I was talking to Logic's producer side stage while he was performing and I was like, 'man this is crazy cause like four years ago I did a showcase with Logic' and he just dropped his first album..." Flash forward four years and now these guys are on tour together! They've both come so far and I am truly excited to see more to come from both of them. 


NF continues saying he's always writing, and writing music is something he is truly passionate about. Might even be enough for a fourth album right? I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this dude drops next. If it's anything like what we've been seeing it's going to be awesome. 



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