Did "The Simpsons" predict the 2018 World Cup Final?!

"The Simpsons" has been on air for nearly 29 seasons and over its run the cartoon show has predicted the future for quite some time... 

The oracle that is "The Simpsons" television show predicted back that Donald Trump would become the President of the United States nearly 17 years before the election. One of the characters had a futuristic smartwatch in 1995, before the Apple watch even became an idea at all. In 1998, the show predicted that Twentieth Century Fox would merge with Walt Disney, which is in the talks of happening. They also knew the outcome of the men's curling final in this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. And now, the 2018 World Cup?!? 

Soooo....what's going on here?!

In the episode, "The Cartridge Family" in season 9 which premiered November 2, 1997. Soccer fever comes to Springfield as Homer, Marge, and the kids watch a television commercial advertising a specific game:

The announcer says, “This match will determine once and for all which nation is the greatest on Earth: Mexico or Portugal.” 

In the year that the episode aired, Mexico was ranked 11th in the world and Portugal was ranked 27th. So they were nooooowhere near the top spots!!!! It's also relevant to mention that The Simpsons correctly predicted that Germany would win the World Cup in 2014. This is starting to get weird!!!

Take a look at a clip from the episode below: 


While they don't mention any type of World Cup game, Mexico and Portugal have been suspected to appear in the knockout round after the group play in this year's World Cup final in Russia. A lot would need to happen in order for this to occur. For example, Mexico would need to win against or tie Sweden on Wednesday in order to be at the top of its group (F). Then it would be on the same side of the bracket as Portugal and the team would possibly meet in the semifinals, not the finals. If Mexico would lose to Sweden, and Germany would defeat South Korea, then this prediction wouldn't come true. But that's not going to happen because like, The Simpsons already predicted it, so it has to happen!!! Right?!

What are your World Cup predictions??



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