Will Justin and Hailey Have A Canadian Wedding???

This wedding might just be the biggest wedding of the year...except for the royal wedding... Well, this is going to be the American equivalent of the royal wedding, or will it?

If you haven't been living under a rock then you know that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are officially engaged after dating for around thirty days. Bieber confirmed it in a heartfelt Instagram post

Now that they're officially going to tie the knot they have to start getting things sorted out for the wedding. They have to find a band or DJ, figure out the seating chart, and decide on a venue. There are even rumors it might be in Canada!

The mayor of Justin Bieber's hometown of Ontario, Canada is even trying to get Bieber to host it back home. Mayor Dan Mathieson is trying to make a deal with the singer. If the pair marry in Ontario during Winter, he'll give the pair tickets to see the Stratford Warriors. Apparently this is the Biebs' FAVORITE hockey team!! Dude, I would take him up on that offer!

If the couple marry in the Summer, the mayor will promise Bieber a chance to perform at the annual Summer Festival in the town.

The mayor is even trying to sweeten up the pot for Justin and Hailey's wedding guests. Mathieson says he will offer a discount for guests to an exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum. What's the exhibit about? It's about Justin Bieber!! And this Bieber museum exhibit is called, "Steps to Stardom." What wedding guest wouldn't want to check out an exhibit on the groom??? 

The couple met back in 2011 in New York City on the red carpet premiere of "Never Say Never," when Baldwin was 14 and Bieber was 16. Rumors of a romance started in 2014 since they were spotted again in the city, but the two denied the rumors. 

In 2016 they officially started dating, but they broke up sometime that summer. Then sometime around June they got back together, and now they're engaged as well as #couplegoals.

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