Let's Play Beanboozled 5th Edition!

When you're an intern at Z100 you a. Most interns usually get some pretty boring assignments. Coffee runs and food runs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive list of awful jobs given to interns. While I have made the occasional Chipotle run for Maxwell (chicken burrito with brown rice, black beans, mild AND hot salsa, and extra cheese!!!) I get to do some hella dope things here. One of the most unusual was probably playing Beanboozled with Maxwell and Intern Lo.

For those of you who don't know what Beanboozled is, it's a game where you spin a little wheel and whatever it lands on you have to eat that colored jelly bean. Simple enough, right? WRONG! There are two different flavors for each color. One is delicious and one is...not...You could spin and land on an orange and red jelly bean, but it's either peach or barf flavored. Think the Bernie Bott's beans from Harry Potter, but with a Russian Roulette twist. THAT'S NOT STRESSFUL AT ALL!

We played the fifth edition of Beanboozled which included some...interesting...new flavors including Dirty Dish Water and Stinkbug. Yum...delicious...

At first we planned for everyone to pick a bean twice, but after one taste of rotten egg we called it quits. And yeah...we know that we're all babies, but get over it!!! I almost barfed on Intern Lo!!! We couldn't take any chances here people! We don't know each other that well yet! To see all of us give it a try check out the video below!



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