Who's G-Eazy's New Bae?!?

OMG!! Summer 2018 is delivering with this drama! Just when we thought we were starting to heal from G-Eazy and Halsey's breakup, this happens!!! G-Eazy was spotted leaving a club on Saturday night, holding hands with none other than Demi Lovato! What a curveball. Us Weekly reported that the duo entered Warwick in Hollywood at around 1 am on Saturday were spotted leaving the club at roughly 2:30 am, hand in hand. But, if you look at the pics, the guy speculated to be G-Eazy has a different hairstyle than G-Eazy usually rocks so we're not entirely sure if they've got the right guy here. 

This alleged hook up comes just two weeks after Halsey announced her split from G-Eazy via Instagram. 

Sorry to reopen the wound.

Halsey has since implied via Twitter that the relationship ended due to unfaithfulness on his part. She tweeted a scissor emoji, which many fans related to her hit song "Him and I" where G-Eazy raps something along the lines of...

"Ever catch me cheating she would probably cut...."

We all know how that lyric goes!!

She also tweeted the words "pumpkin eater" which fans assumed is in reference to the rhyme "cheater cheater pumpkin eater."

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