Get Ready For Ed Sheeran's PERFECT Documentary

What can't Ed Sheeran do?!? Not only has this guy sold out stadiums on tour, won ALL the Grammy's, and even appeared on Game of Thrones, but now he's going to release his very own documentary. 

Sheeran's film project is called 'Songwriter' and it's "an intimate and personal look into the writing process of one of the world's biggest artists," AKA MA BOY ED SHEERAN!!! 

This documentary dives into the singer/songwriter's childhood as well as his development as a musician. Cameras followed Sheeran for nearly a decade; we'll see recording sessions as well as behind the scenes footage of the tours Ed's been on over the past ten years. Primarily it focuses on the creation of the musician's third LP ÷. 

And we'll get to see some footage of baby Sheeran jamming out on bass, guitar and drums. Honestly, a little ginger Ed Sheeran playing all of those instruments is enough to get me to watch.

His cousin, filmmaker Murray Cummings, is the man behind the film. Ed praised him and claims that Cummings accurately portrayed the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into the songwriting process. The songwriting process is the main focus of the film. 

The film was well received at both the Berlin and Tribeca Film Festivals. It's expected to be released on August 28th exclusively on Apple Music. 

If you are dying to see this like I am make sure to check out the trailer below!!!

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