Our Fave 1D Moments to Celebrate #8YearsofOneDirection

One Direction's Twitter account came back to life today, tweeting iconic One Direction lyrics, and tricking all of us into thinking their *keyword* hiatus was FINALLY OVER!!! 

But it isn't, and we're heartbroken. But through our tears, we're going to celebrate One Direction's 8TH ANNIVERSARY with our favorite 1D moments throughout the years. 

Let's throw it back to 2015 why don't we? When Harry called out his childhood friend for stealing his girlfriend when he was 14. Eat your heart out, Harry's 14-year-old love. 


When they covered the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and our inner 90's baby was unwell.


When they danced in tight tracksuits on Saturday Night Live with Amy Adams. 

Live from New York, it's me, crying at work while watching this. 


When Harry ran on stage late to accept their BRIT award because he was "having a wee."



When they closed out the FREAKING OLYMPICS!!! Can you say, international heartthrobs?!


Before they launched their third album, Midnight Memories, they hosted a 7 hour live stream and hung out with fans and titled it #1DDay! What we would do for a 1D Day now... 


One Direction... if you're listening.... WE MISS YOU!! PLEASE COME BACK!! Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan have all tweeted in response to the 8 Year Anniversary, so we're just waiting on you Harry and Zayn. 



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