Get This Dream Couch For Your House ASAP!

This is the ultimate sports viewer's dream couch. Or perfect for those homies who don't ever have a place to crash after a ratchet night out!! The people who designed this dope couch, were inspired by the stadium-style seating at the world famous Wembley Stadium. There is a smartphone holder, of course a built in charger, and most importantly...BEER-RESISTANT UPHOLSTERY!


Now it's not a real thing just yet. This is just a prototype created by the mobile company EE as they work to launch their new BT Sport package, which allows customers the ability to check out BT Sport matches on their phone and TV. All this without a contract & w/ and inclusive data package (do we have this is the US yet??).

But back to this couch...How dope would it be to binge watch your favorite show with the squad while chillin on this bad boy?? And you know watching the big game is way better with friends and family...this way, you don't have to worry about anyone blocking your view or sitting in your favorite recliner...DAD!



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