Niall Horan Votes No To a Fan Who Wants to Date Him

Really bad news, guys. 

Apparently, Niall Horan isn't down to date us fans?! The former-One Direction member has a reputation for being really sweet, nice, and down to earth, but don't ask him for a date. A fan of the singer, Tory Appel, took to Instagram to ask her followers if she and Horan should date. The poll was accompanied by a picture of her at the 'Slow Hands' singer's meet and greet with the question "Should we date?". According to her Twitter, Horan wasn't down as he voted "No" on the poll!! 

Just like us, his fans were shocked that Niall would do something like that, looked into it and decided that the pictures were edited. 

We're impressed, Tory. 

That takes some serious skills on her part. We need the truth!! 

@Niall, could you comment on this?!

Or, maybe Niall isn't down to date a fan because he already has a girlfriend?! Niall is rumored to be dating Hailee Steinfeld according to recent spottings at Katy Perry's concert in Newcastle and Niall Horan supporting the singer at her concert in New York City. The pair were also seen acting very much like a couple and honestly, we're here for it! 

We can take that excuse, Niall. And if it doesn't work out with Hailee, we hope you're down to date a fan. 😉

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