Cardi B Shares Bank Statement For Lamborghini

Everyone gets lamborghinis with their SO to celebrate their baby, right? No? No one else has gotten a pair of lamborghinis with anyone before? Like me you can barely afford a scooter? Okay...

Cardi B and Offset recently had their first daughter together. Kulture Kiari Cephus was born in early July. Offset was with his wife at the hospital at the time of the birth, according to reports. Cardi revealed that she was pregnant with the member of Migos' baby on Saturday Night Live earlier this year. The couple secretly wed in a quiet ceremony back in September. Offset proposed to Cardi B publicly in October after officially getting hitched. He popped the question to the 'I Like It' singer in Philly at Power 99's Powerhouse concert. 

The now married couple showed off the newest additions to their family in a social media post. No, it's not a puppy, or a new sibling for Kulture; it is a pair of lambourghinis.

Mr. and Mrs. Offset now are the owners of two...count em...TWO lambourghinis. Cardi B has a blue one and Offset's vehicle is green. 

In Instagram posts the couple showed off their new rides. Official Lamb Owners." While Cardi B posted, "Blessed and Gifted Official Lamb Owners." The artist claims that they purchased the luxury cars in cash.


The fact that she paid $500,000 a piece in cash for two luxury cars is what fans up in arms. People started saying that they probably just leased the cars. Cardi B came back with the BEST response to the claims that she didn't officially own the cars. SHE POSTED THE RECEIPTS. GIRL LITERALLY HAD THE RECEIPTS.


She quickly took the tweet down, but luckily fans took screenshots of the post. The post revealed that she took out $548,736.97 to pay for the car. 

Cardi B recently announced that she will not be going on tour with Bruno Mars because she wants to spend more time with her baby and to recover from the pregnancy. 



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