#TBT Wendy's Old Training Videos

Let's be honest here for a minute. There are two universal truths regarding the fast food industry. Number one: whoever runs social media for Wendy's is a genius, and number two: training to work in fast food is the WORST! 

Back in the 80's Wendy's released a series of training videos to help new employees get the hang of things. The videos cover important tasks... like serving cold drinks, hot drinks, grilling burgers, and serving chili. All of the training videos are interesting. They are all just pure 80s nostalgia. 

Why no one has brought this up in thirty years 


Just in case you're wondering...cold drinks are served too!!


And if you want your chili with cheese, there's a video and song for that as well!!


And of course you gotta make sure your GRILL SKILLS are up to par!!!


Twitter was having a field day with these radical videos:



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