Lance Bass Misses Out On Brady Bunch House

It looks like Lance Bass is saying bye, bye, bye to the Brady Bunch house. Last week Lance Bass of the 90s boy band *NSYNC announced that he had placed the highest bid on the television famous house on 11222 Dilling Street in Northern Hollywood. For those of you not caught up on iconic television trivia the house that Bass intended to purchase is the Brady Bunch house. All of the exterior shots featuring the Brady's home were shot there back in the 70s. 


Lance even got some support from a former fictional member of the house. Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady sent him a super supportive tweet.


It sounded like the perfect nostalgia story. Early 90s legend purchases legendary television house, it was too good to be true! Unfortunately the perfect throwback combination was not meant to be.

On Sunday, Bass posted across his social media platforms about what happened. According to the former boy band member his offer was thrown out for a more "lucrative" one. 

He claims that things were all in order and that his offer was well over the asking price, but apparently a "corporate buyer" got the iconic residence.


Bass says he expected to purchase the house but, "The next day, due to “unforeseen circumstances” the same agent informed us that there’s another Corporate Buyer (Hollywood studio) who wants the house at any cost."


The property apparently received eight offers and was listed at nearly $1.9 million.  Originally, the iconic two-bedroom and three-bathroom house was purchased for more than $60 thousand back in 1973.



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