Free Screenings of "Eighth Grade" Tomorrow

One of the most talked about movies this summer is "Eighth Grade." People are saying its one of the most important and relatable movies of the year. 

"Based on the most awkward year of your life," this movie is supposed to be a movie that depicts the experience of middle school in an incredibly accurate way. The director of the movie, Bo Burnham, wanted this to be a movie that would relate to kids around that age, but unfortunately the movie is rated R. So, the core audience that he wanted to attract can't see it by themselves. 

Burnham wanted to change that.


Now, people of all ages can see it! Plus it's free! You can go splurge on an extra large popcorn now.

Tomorrow, August 8th, there will be free screenings of "Eighth Grade" across the country. The R rating will not be enforced tomorrow. 

The director didn't want to make the movie R Rated.

"I just wanted to portray the way kids’ lives are. It didn’t feel like our responsibility to portray the reality that we felt was appropriate for kids,” Burnham explains.

"Eighth Grade" is a coming of age story about Kayla, a young girl going through her final week of middle school.



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