The Bachelorette Finale Recap **SPOILERS AHEAD**

The time has finally come! It's the end of an era. Bachelor nation our Bachelorette is engaged , but we all knew that didn't we?

Last nights episode was rough. Since it's the final episode that means that the two guys get to meet Becca's family. Garrett was first up and the entire family seemed to LOVE him. Becca's sister had an emotional heart to heart that left Garrett in tears (not for the last time in this episode). 

Becca's whole shtick this episode is that she didn't expect to feel this way about Garrett, and she pictured Blake being there with her accepting the final rose. Reminder: Garrett got the first impression rose so she must've liked him from the beginning, but whatever you say Becca. 

BUT WAIT... THE PLOT THICKENS. When Blake goes and meets Becca's family he probably got the weirdest meeting the family experience ever. He was super charming, he brought wine and flowers for the family, and he said that Becca's family reminded of him of his own family. 

I know amazing, right? It didn't seem like this family was too impressed because they kept bringing up GARRETT at every chance they got. Becca's mom asked him how he would do if he didn't win the Bachelorette and go home without the final rose. 

They go an amazing date and things are looking up for Blake.

Flash forward to the final rose ceremony. The hella sweaty hot mess formerly known as Blake comes in first so you know somethings up. He goes on and tells Becca how much he loves her and how much she means to him. Becca cuts him off and sends him home!!!

Then Garrett comes in. 

And she says yes!!!! 

The couple is now making their press appearances which also happen to be their first public outing since the end of the show.

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